AMA Introductory Pilot Program

A non-AMA member may fly at the SWAMPS RC field and receive member liability insurance protection as long as he/she is flying under the direct supervision of a club-designated Introductory Pilot Instructor.  Supervised instruction must take place at the SWAMPS RC Field, and must be closely supervised. The non-AMA member will have the same liability insurance coverage that other AMA members receive, solely while under the direct, one-on-one supervision of the Intro Pilot Instructor, for a period of 60 consecutive days starting from the first session. No other AMA benefits are provided to the non-AMA member.

What this means is that anyone wishing to learn RC flying can do so at our Field without being a Club Member and without being a member of the AMA.

SWAMPS has a plane and trainer radio setup ready to go or they can bring their own.  We will instruct on club rules, safety, aerodynamics, and provide some supervised flight time.

SWAMPS will also assist and train new AMA members to become proficient with basic flying to the point of flying solo.

For more information or to schedule a time to get started at  SWAMPS, contact:

Bill Burkert
(919) 525-5778

More details about the AMA program are available at the AMA website

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